Lumafusion Resources

Before getting to know “Lumafusion”, you should have the followings;

Cloud Space (Online Space) 

To import MP3s or LUTs,  you could pick one from the followings;
If you have Gmail, you could easily sign up for “Google Drive“.
If you have Hotmail, you could easily sing up for “OneDrive“.
You could sign up for Dropbox too.

To Import mp3 from YouTube

You will need this to convert your YOUTUBE video to MP3

This is one of the best YouTube channels to download FREE OF USE songs.

Once you have download the MP3, you could save it to your Cloud Space above, and then you could use IMPORT feature to import MP3 to your Lumafusion app.

To Import a font

You could download free fonts from here.

Attach your fonts into your MAIL app. In this case, I use “GMAIL” app to send font from the computer, and then open the GMAIL app and click on the attachment (font).

To Import LUTs

Please download free LUTs from here.

After that you could upload LUTs to your Cloud space.
Click on the arrow (screenshot) and you will be asked to import any LUTs on your Cloud space.


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